About Us

The Vegan Collection is a vegan clothing and accessories company based out of Los Angeles that is committed to providing cruelty free products at reasonable prices. As part of our commitment to the animals, a portion of all profits are donated to organizations that are advocates for animals. We also feel strongly about the environmental impact of our products and use recycled products wherever possible including shipping boxes which contain a minimum of 30% recycled content. Every manufactured product has an unavoidable environmental cost, but we do as much as we can to minimize the impact of our products.

Although The Vegan Collection focuses on supporting animals, we are also concerned that the individuals who manufacture the products receive a fair price for their labor. We personally visit the factories where all our products are manufactured. In addition, all vendors are required to produce a signed notarized statement providing that all products are not manufactured using child labor or sweatshop conditions and each worker is paid a fair wage.

Established in 2008, The Vegan Collection is owned by a vegan of 29 years and counting. When not spending his days boxing up orders he can usually be found playing with his pups, pickup up a guitar or figuring out where the next travel destination will lead he and his wife.

About Our Products

All manufacturers are required to produce a signed notarized statement providing that products manufactured for our company use all man-made material and contain no leather, fur, or animal byproducts. To further reduce the environmental impact of our products, water-based adhesives are used in the manufacturing of all our products.

Environmental Concerns: Pleather over Leather?

Every manufactured product has an unavoidable environmental cost. The argument has been made that the principal components of pleather are petroleum based and therefore cause far more damage to the environment than leather. It is important to recognize that the production of synthetic polyurethane pleather has no worse environmental impact than that of hexavalent chromium which is used in tanneries for leather production. Another factor to consider is the abundant amount of cow-generated methane and land use that is needed to maintain such manufacturing processes. We stand by our products and believe we offer a quality alternative to leather without the cruelty.

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